Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Lifehouse - From where you are & Everything Acoustic

I haven't written a blog for quite sometime but I just can't help but share this short clip I've taken during Lifehouse concert in Manila at Mall of Asia Arena last Oct. 8, 2015. It was a very moving performance by Jason Wade. It was just him and his guitar singing his heart out. I have been a fan of this band for quite sometime but seeing them perform live just takes my breath away. They sound so good live and I can't quite get enough of his accoustic performance. I mean I have listen, admire them for so long but nothing really beats seeing them perform in front of me. Am I glad that I go to Manila just to see them oh well no words are quite enough to describe my feelings he is just pretty awesome. I Am babbling with phrases for this band oh well you could ask the people who are present that night and they would tell you the same thing too but what the heck Jason is just oozing with deep, pure, love and passion for his music that everything for me seems surreal and after the show has ended you just can't get enough of it that your heart and soul wanted to shout "I want more"... What can I say I have fallin all over again......their music is just plain poetry to my ears...  and I wanna see them again real soon....

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Different kinds of Tea

I am a tea drinker more than a coffee lover but I am not a purist. Some like to taste their tea at the purist state but me I like it with lemon, milk or sometimes coffee. Yeah I sort of have a weird preference with regards to how I drink my tea but I like it that way. I also love milk tea with all it's variant especially now that there are so many tea shop can be found in my place that it makes me confuse which shop to visit or which of them I like better. By choice I love the concoction of how CBTL mix their tea drinks so most of the time  you can see me there just enjoying an afternoon tea but then again I also like the tea concoction of this milk tea shop especially those that came from Taiwan. Maybe it's true what my friends say that milk tea from Taiwan are more delicious but then again when I'm eating at Thai restaurant I usually order their special tea beverage and I conclude it's the best tea among all of my favorite tea beverage. However, don't take what I'm saying to heart cause what may taste yummy for me might seems strange to you we don't have the same taste buds and preference so just experiment with different kinds of tea and then go back to where you feel is the best tasting among them all. Before going further with my tea craze I'll just share to you some basic types of tea for people who seem confuse or don't know what to choose :)

WHITE TEA - is the purest and least processed of all teas and it's lighter in color and flavor.

BLACK TEA - this is the most popular tea and maybe growing up you have drink this tea while not feeling well and this is can easily be bought at supermarket

GREEN TEA - this is popular in Asia and they prefer it among all other tea and some of these tea are scented or flavored

OOLONG TEA - sometimes known as "wu lung" tea is a a full-bodied with flavorful fragrance and sweet aroma

MATCHA -  is a type of powdered green tea popular in Japan and uses as flavouring sweets

PU-ERH TEA - a type of post-fermented tea produced in Yunnan Province China

HERBAL TEA - these are fruits, herbs and spices used singly or in combination in the same manner as "tea proper" there are different kinds of herbal teas in the market so you just choose which you like best.

There are still many kinds of tea available so you can either do some more research or try test tasting which will suit your palate best. My favorite flavor would be Matcha green tea, Arabian Mint tea and Peppermint Tea. But whatever is your choice would you agree that drinking tea usually calms and relaxes you. Enjoy and let's have a tearrriiiffficc teaaaatime break.....

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Man in the Mirror

For days this song been bugging my mind hence I decided to post it here... In life the only thing constant is change

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Starting Over Again

Well I'm actually curious about the movie so for the first time in my life I decided to watch a movie alone. I did not regret it since some part of the movie I can sort of relate. It was not your typical happy ending kind of thing but still it is a feel good movie where at the end of watching it you want to say to yourself "Yeah right why didn't I think of it might save me some heartbreak" Anyway this post is kinda late but I hope you enjoy the video :)