Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hard Habit to Break

Note: I usually love making miniclips video but never try the windows movie maker so here's the first one I've made using windows software... enjoy

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Longue vie blog

One day I wake up and decided to revive this blog I mean it's not dying or something but it lack sparks and life. It's just out there drifting merely surviving but never really get the spirit it used to have. Well this is not some kind of a personal thingy where I put my heart and soul to it but mind you it used to have personality and once in awhile when I feel like it I tell you my soul and what's going on with my life. But for a couple of months or maybe it reach a year I've lost that sense of pouring out my thoughts and feelings into words. I thought I've out grown this love for writing and creative thoughts but I guess it just lies buried somewhere deep within me. This need to share feelings and ideas, to inspire, to motivate, to hope, to dream and just to simply be the person who can reach other people's life through their own experiences. I'm not perfect nor though I have a perfect life as what some people may perceive by just looking at the outside. Look more closely and you can see the scars both physically and emotionally of the battles I've fought within myself. Sometimes I've win and there are times I lost but it's alright because life is not about winning it's about relating and learning and making things better along the way. Life is not a bed of roses as cliche goes but for me Life is still the most beautiful thing we could ever have. Live, Love and Eat as what Wolfgang Puck always says or you could Eat, Pray, Love as what Julia Roberts did in her movie. It's up to you it's your life and you should be in control and be happy with it. As for this site it's a long time coming but it's getting there so come along with me and welcome aboard to the revival of this blog.