Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Old Friend

A million times or more I thought about you
The years, the tears, the laughter, things we used to do
Are memories that warm me like a sunny day
You touched my life in such a special way

I miss the way you’d run your fingers through my hair
Those cozy nights we cuddled in your easy chair
Oh no, I won’t let foolish pride turn you away
I’ll take you back whatever price I pay

Old friend
It’s so nice to feel you hold me again
No, it doesn’t matter where you have been
My heart welcomes you back home again

Remember those romantic walks we used to take
You held my hand in such a way my knees would shake
You can’t imagine just how much I’ve needed you
I’ve never loved someone as I love you

Old friend
This is where our happy ending begins
Yes, I’m sure this time that we’re gonna win
Welcome back into my life again

Yes, I’ve tried to live my life without you
Knowing I had lost my closest friend
And though I’m feeling low from time to time
Knowing I will never find the kind of love
I had when you were mine

Welcome back into my life again

PS: I'm getting mushy, sentimental, cheesy all because of this friend of mine... I hate this feeling sometimes especially the melancholy side it would have been a good thing if I'll feel happy all the time but knowing me well my moods currently shifting most of the times... enjoy the song it's quite cute

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Year Ago

Today mark a year since my RAI Theraphy and I can't believe how time flies because since that time until this moment so many things happen to me and I can really say I'm not the same person as I am a year ago. But that's not a strange or unique feeling as most people could change just within a few weeks or months, however my life's journey since that time of my medication was indeed very enlightening, mind boggling and sometimes humbling. Looking back at my struggles with my weight problem and everything else like the radiation, the isolation and the fight to get better was sometimes tiring but yet it keeps me moving on because I have a dream. I thought that if everything else gets better then I'll be just one step closer to that dream only to find out that what I've been dreaming are just sand castles build in the air. They vanishes and get washed out by the waves of change. But its funny now as I've look back how I was so determined to pursue that dream, so much fight, so much determination and hope that this time around I'll win. But I guess everything has its own timing or as I've fondly called in God's perfect time you'll get what you really deserved. It was not my time, I surrender to the inevitable, I swallow my pride, I clipped my wings but I never lose my faith that in HIS own time everything will come to be. For God never leave you empty handed, HE always takes care of you and surprises you when you least expected it. Keep on dreaming, keep on moving, keep on loving and keep on smiling for life indeed is still beautiful no matter what.