Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cravings of Boredom

I should have not been here, I should have stick with my routine but I guess the addicted part of me just want to come here to read perhaps. I've been tinkering with this crazy longings and cravings I have to buy something out of boredom. It's so freaking boring today but the weather is nice. It makes you want to sleep whole day and just cozy up but after awhile the boredom sets in. So here I am again writing some thoughts which I haven't got a clue, only I want something so bad.

But that something is in SM Powerbooks hehehe I like actually to buy a book yesterday from Nicholas Sparks "The Choice" but kinda shock that prices in the paperbacks are that high. I guess I've lost touch of the prices of books since I stop buying and reading one. But after I got this notion to read some novels of Nicholas Sparks so it kinda want me to buy one.

There is also a forthcoming movie from one of his novels "Nights in Rodanthe" that would be the 4th novel by the author to be in a motion picture. The first three are:

1.) Message in a Bottle (I've watch this movie with my UP fine arts friends and they cried in the movie house {they're actually males but just in tune with their softer emotions} well I did get carried away with a few scenes but I never cried throughout)

2.) The Notebook (I just watch this one in my DVD player and this one I did cry in some scenes....ahh I love the movie so much especially Ryan Gosling hehehe {kind of reminds me of someone I know in real life....same build and about the same looks I guess} but overall I love this movie so much, one of my all time favourite along with Pride and Prejudice)

3.) A Walk to remember (Again I just watch this at home its kind of nice too but I can't really relate the same way I like the previous two but I remember my bro's classmate borrow the VCD and never return it, she must have watch it over a hundredth time)

so I guess that's what my craving is if I could just buy one Nicholas Sparks novel or how about "Love in the time of Cholera" (one of Oprah's favourite by the way) guess I'm back with my book obsession....It just takes away the mundaneness of my life right now while trying to rejuvenate and heal myself in progress...so anyone want to lend me some of these books but I prefer to own them how about donate one lol

(just some of the goodies in breadtalk - FYI: I'm not paid to advertise their products lol I just love their bread)

And before I go another craving I have is to eat some bread from "Breadtalk" just thinking about it makes me crave it so much. I've eat 3 breads yesterday the "curry naan", "blueberry bread" & "fluss bread" *yum**yum**yum* just thinking about it makes me hungry.

(fluss bun - a traditional signature of bread talk with many variations)

I even forget how much I love pizza and pastries hehehe so if you haven't eaten some of their bread go to their store now and grab a bite. You won't regret it you'll feel euphoric hehehe....Anyway its a bit pricey than other bakeshop but what the heck....so that's all I'm craving today and thanks for reading my ramblings...

(curry naan - Indian bread I guess not much sure but this would be more yummy if you eat this one from the original recipe or Indian restaurant)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hi my blogger friends ahh its been ten days that I haven't touch my pc would you believe that...I'm kind of shock myself but its doctor's order but I can't really get the drift why she said that because before my therapy she said there's no restriction...so I give myself ten days before I'll use the pc again so here I am in case you miss me...but I don't know if anyone miss me no one leave a message in my cbox msg box I guess you're scared of my radiation lol...nah it can't contaminate you I'm not contagious actually I'm human hey not a machine...now I'm not making much sense but I miss blogging and Internet but for now I can't be much active in this cyber world gotta follow doctors order first..so anyway just want to share something I write during the days when boredom strikes and loneliness hit like a tidal wave.... its sort of an outlet...I was kind of thinking to put this in my wordpress blog then decide I better put it here....so here it goes....my senti moni thoughts lol

Tonight I think of you much more than any other nights. Because tonight I watch "The Lakehouse" again and somehow I finally get the drift of its charm. Why people find it so romantic because despite time and distance true love can wait and find its way into each other arms. So maybe your searching for that kind of love. Is it true can it exist for real? I don't know but it might just be true. Who knows we really can't tell what the future might bring. But if two people who love each other truly then perhaps dream can become reality and love will find a way to bring them together forever.

done: sept. 17, 2008

hehehe that's what romantic movies do to me I get cheesy...so take care friends I miss you all....

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kind Blogger Award

Thank you Hazel for this Blog Award.

Here are the rules:

1. Only 5 people are allowed to receive this award.

2. Four (4) of them are followers of your blog.

3. One has to be new to your blog and live in another part of the world.

4. You must link back to who ever gave you the award. I am giving this award to who else but:

1. Amy
2. Anne
3. Bryce
4. Rej
5. Eva (but I guess naa nka ani yads)

Monday, September 8, 2008

If Only

If only reality is beautiful

If only all places could be paradise

If only life could be a bed of roses

If only poverty does not exist

If only tears does not flow

If only hunger is just a dream

If only hatred turns into love

If only war is just a state of things

If only greed and corruption cease

but reality has a bitter taste
life's far from getting there
nowhere close, nowhere near

but should not be a close illusion
of a disillusion person

but rather a burning fire
that lightens even the darkest heart
and sparks just a tiny bit of hope
inside a desperate soul

trying to reach out to something
something not quite there

an impossble dream perhaps?
Nah it could be real actually

9-8-08 5:23pm

PS: Just arrive from Simala am quite tired actually but just got inspired to write this one.... I don't know if you can call this poetry but anyway I hope you like it...I was thinking about these thoughts while travelling by bus and seeing things around me, how some part of the city lies in rumble, how there are some people and children lying helpless and hungry, then I compare it to the places I've seen with my eyes. How they're so progressive, so happy, so clean, so rich and just about everything opposite to what my eyes have seen this morning...enjoy do tell me what you think...thanks again

Monday, September 1, 2008

Blessing in disguise - 50th blog post

I can't believe this is my 50th post but of course not all original compositions, a little bit here and there, a little bit those and that and a little bits and pieces of me. Now what's my day like, wake up early in the morning to go to the office & fix the remaining paperworks, stuff & get my last pay. What was it like for me going to the office one last time. Actually its ok I know I'll be saying goodbye to it once and for all besides its very quite with no one around just two of my officemates. I ate breakfast one last time, our manager & ATE ask me to. It was yummy... what a nice way to start my day.

But, I guess it kinda paid up for over an hour & a half of waiting for the door to finally open. Ooops but I better hurry my doki could not wait that long I need to have my final check up to know if everything's fine. Hmme so what did I find out? I guess I really need to undergo that RAI option since I have plans on going somewhere but I could take option two which is to medicate it for 2-3 years with constant laboratory check.

If I opt for solution number two I need to wait 2-3 years here & what should I do with my life within that span of time. So I opt for number one & I'm going to have the treatment this Sept. 15 (wish me luck folks everything will be fine, need all the prayers) then afterwards gonna isolate myself for awhile but I can go out if I want to not just have close contacts with people.

Besides, its for your own safety, again it delays my plan am suppose to buy my ticket this month. I guess I can wait that long so long as my health's going to be fine later on. Then, the doki advice me to take it easy, relax, enjoy & stop working. Huh, did I have a premonition or something, so maybe not renewing my contract was a blessing in disguise because she said stress can also trigger the problem.

Now I'm medicating for a week with no iodine in my diet, no iodized salt, lato, guso, shells & all other food with high iodine. What a tiresome thing to do like monitoring your food intake in case you have an allergic reaction. But, I know I can get pass by same as the coming weeks when I'll sleep alone, have my own plate, spoon & fork, do laundry & all those stuff I must do alone. Wish me luck & hopefully afterwards I'll know why things is happening as they are because I always know in every cloudy sky there's always a sunshine afterwards, every rainbow after the rain.

So I guess I'll be spending my 31st birthday in Cebu & all those time was thinking of spending it on a cable car candlelie dinner (must be awesome). Hey its not that bad just gotta need something to do while I'm waiting for time & things to finally settle in. Make it productive, make it worthwhile & make it beautiful. Since, life indeed is beautiful despite the crosses & problems we all carry everyday what we need is ask HIS help and say I can't carry it alone God please unload some of the burdens.

Which remind me of the mass I've attended this afternoon, the priest says that in every trial & ordeal you've been through don't lose hope or faith in HIM, cause afterwards you'll reap your reward & that's what I've always been thinking about despite all the things that's bothering me. I know I will taste that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, all I need is time & patience that in HIS time all things will come to be.