Thursday, June 11, 2009

One fine Lad

I met him way back when I was spending some time in Singapore. He qualify for the promo run by our company with all expense paid trip to the Lion city plus pocket allowance plus newly promoted marketing director status. A status I've been hoping to achieve for quite sometime now and He get that position within two months. It's quite an achievement even for old timers in the company. How he did it was just go out in the field share our mission to as many people that he can possibly can within that span of time. My brother even wonder how he did it in such a short period of time but I guess plain hardwork and a determination to win.

When I first meet him I thought he has lots of air and conceit like my typical stereotyped concept of callcenter agents. We didn't get to spend so much time together since they only stayed in our house for about a week or so and within that time I always teased him with my friend hence he stay out of my way. I guess he don't want to be teased and make fun of so maybe that's the reason why. But, when you're far away from home even if you don't get to spend so much time together or get in touch that often you form a certain bond. Hence, that's what happen between me and him we form a new friendship.

I didn't actually expect it to happen as you can see I don't have high opinion about him at first but one thing you can't argue is the fact that his quite attractive and charming. Which I know ladies especially the one in the early twenties would really love to go out with him. But, the reason for this blog is that every time I see him it always reminds of my past. How I'm so attracted with goodlooking guys in fact my friends before and the guys I've associate with are attractive.

But there comes a point in your life as you get older that the shallowness of youth started to fade away and you seek for substance and maturity. It all started when I meet someone last 2007. He is not a looker but I was so amazed by his good attitude and kind heart then later on I meet another guy who've been the cause of my constant mood swings. Why I feel ecstatic one moment then so down the next. I admit I really feel deeply with this certain guy but it seems he don't value me as much as I value him. Then it made me realize to give it all up I've been in this stage for quite sometime now and it's not healthy.

So, when I saw my friend again today the one I met in Singapore it made me realize maybe I should just find an attractive guy and not hang on to this person for God knows how long. It seems I've been in a rot for quite sometime and I don't want to feel low about myself. I want to think positive, be happy, live, love and just be glad every moment of the day.

It always brighten my day whenever I meet this friend of mine. I remember when I was in Singapore and I was walking down the long stretch mall in Cityhall on my way to MRT and feeling so low and sorry about how my life was going there and whallah out of nowhere I see him and he smile at me. Guess what all those heavy burden in my heart just evaporated and I was happy once again like what happen tonight.

I was on my way out of the office to eat dinner when he called my name and we talk for awhile and he even encourage me to run for my desired position. I said ahh sometimes I get discourage I lack motivation then he said don't be just keep on going then he smile. He really got that beautiful smile that can brighten up your dreary days. Or maybe deep inside of me I'm still a sucker for fine looking lads and that's not being shallow it's just this kind of guys are like vitamins to your eyes lol...But anyway this heart still needs healing...ciao for now...

Friday, June 5, 2009

No More Words

I don't know why I lost my penchant for writing. How many times I keep logging in here only to come up empty handed, lost for words and thoughts gone astray. I don't know what happen to me a couple of months ago why this sudden shift of feelings. I used to love blogging so much especially during troubled times where I can express my thoughts in writing but I'm just so clueless.

I want to blame a certain person, I want to blame circumstances but what's the used of blaming people and situation when we make our own destiny and choices. I do wish I can go back to writing again, I do wish I can pour out all these pent up feelings and release a months worth of frustrations and misgivings and get back into motion and start the words flowing. But as of now I'm just here drifting here or there, stalking profiles if I got time and just barely coping up with the blogging world.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ang Mo Kio

A slideshow I made for my friends back in Ang Mo Kio. Thanks for all the memories especially the eating sessions, the spicy noodles, the lumpia, the foodtrip to fairprice and just about all the crazy stuff we used to do. I will always remember you guys and the fun times. Everytime I watch the clips it make me smile and wish someday we can relieve all of these and eat more ice cream and noodles.

PS: The pics are taken just a few days before I went home to PI sort of my despidida party. Youtube muted the background music of this video clips so all you can see is the slideshows only.