Monday, June 30, 2008

Losing Weight

I used to weight 52 kgs in 2007 but that is not much compare to other people who are suffering from weight problem. But, for someone who has always been a petite person then that is too much. Anyway I've enjoyed that weight despite the bulging waistline and too chubby face. Until, I met a person who I thought I would meet in January of 2008 so insecurity sets in. I've realized that before January I should lost my belly fats and all other excess baggage. I controlled my eating but mostly spend twice a day confine in our nuga best bed. So, you might ask what's the relation of Nuga bed and my losing weight. Oh well, actually it has a lot to do why I lost weight in the first place. The bed is invented in Korea by a son who wish that her mother will be healed by her paralysis. Indeed, miracle happen the mother was healed from her paralysis. The Nuga bed has healed many people but it takes time and patience.

Now, back to my weight loss program for just over a month of using nuga bed twice a day I finally lost around 10 kgs. Unfortunately, I keep on losing weight eventhough I've stop using the Nuga bed. But I won't blame it on the Nuga, since lots of factors are contributing to my weight loss. Firstly, I have become so stress with my work that I have lost my appetite during meals. Secondly, I am now having trouble sleeping most of the time. Lastly,I am also undergoing treatment for a diagnose I have a couple months back. If you add up that factor now you can understand why today I'm only weighing 35 kgs. Geezzz I didn't expect that I will reach this point or this thin. Now my problem is how to gain back my weight not the extreme one but just enought to be called healthy. Besides, I look much older than I did before I lost weight.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hey it's me (Jaime Rivera)

Hey, it's me
I hope you still remember
Your old friend
And then, we can talk and laugh again

Hey, it's me
I never thought I'd see you once again
And I just can't believe
You're right here with me

Now lookin'
Starin' and talkin'
Tellin' me things
That you've done all these years

Hey, it's me (it's me)
The one (who's/who'll) always (cared/cares) for you
Oh yes (yes), it's me
The one (who's/who'll) always (cared/cares) for you
I just hope you still remember
And I wish it crossed your mind
All the memories that we have left behind

Hey, it's me
Now, that you're back in my arms,
You'll see I'll always keep you here in my heart

Hey, it's me
I'd never thought I'd feel this love again
And I just can't believe you're right here with me

Now lookin'
Lovin' and feelin'
Sharin' this love for the rest of our lives

Hey, it's me (it's me)
The one (who's/who'll) always (cared/cares) for you
Oh yes (yes), it's me
The one (who's/who'll) always (cared/cares) for you
I just hope you still remember
And I wish it crossed your mind
All the memories that we have left behind

Hey, it's me (it's me)
The one (who's/who'll) always (cared/cares) for you
Oh yes (yes), it's me
The one (who's/who'll) always (cared/cares) for you
I just hope you still remember
And I wish it crossed your mind
All the memories that we have left behind

Hey, it's me (it's me)
The one (who's/who'll) always (cared/cares) for you
Oh yes (yes), it's me
The one (who's/who'll) always (cared/cares) for you
I just hope you still remember
And I wish it crossed your mind
All the memories that we have left behind

Hey, it's me (it's me)
The one (who's/who'll) always love you
I just hope you still remember
And I wish it crossed your mind
All the memories that we have left behind

Hey, it's me (it's me)
The one (who's/who'll) always love you
I just hope you still remember
And I wish it crossed your mind
All the memories that we have left behind

Note: makes me remember the good old days...nice OPM song

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tag by Hazel

I got this tag from Hazel, my friend from the US...thanks yadz sa tag pawala sa akong boredom dri ug ka sleepy...

The rules are posted at the beginning. At the end of the post, the player tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leave a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1. What am I doing 10 years ago?

ahh I'm in my 5th year in college sa business administration sa San Carlos....padulong nko practicim ani where we form a real corporation with my classmates

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list today?

1. drink coffee - pawala sa ka sleepy
2. find hotel accomodation in Bangkok
3. Search google
4. write something about the transportation in Bangkok
5. hopefully finish my quota for the day haron kaadto camotes

3. Snacks I enjoy:

ice cream, cakes, chocolates ug pastas

4. Places I’ve lived:

sa cebu rajud ko naglive...but I've live in other countries for a month...Japan for 5 weeks and Singapore for accumulated stay of 36 days

5. Things I’d do if I were a billionaire:

Travel the world jud and dine....kahuman buy houses in Carribean, Paris, London, Italy and Switzerland hahaha free gali mag dream then buy pud mga sports car ug SUV...kahuman invest it and some go to charities....oi libre man mangarap noh hehehe

6. People I want to know more about...

* my friends in multiply
* my duckie
* my workmates
* orlando bloom, wu chun, ryan gosling, johnny deep, hugh Jackman
* ug kanang mga millionaires around the world

I am done with the tag job. Now, its your turn to do this tag job. Let me hear from you Eva and Chrissy kay cla raman akong friends dri nya c Hazel man nagtag ani. Enjoy and take care always!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

No me Ames

No Me Ames(Duet with Marc Anthony) Lyrics

Dime por qué lloras
De felicidad
Y por qué te ahogas
Por la soledad
Di por qué me tomas, fuerte así,
mis manos, y tus pensamientos te van llevando

Yo te quiero tanto
Y por qué será
Loco testarudo, no lo dudes más,
aunque en el futuro haya un muro enorme,
yo no tengo miedo, quiero enamorarme.

No me ames, porque pienses que
parezco diferente
Tú no piensas que es lo justo,
ver pasar el tiempo juntos
No me ames, que comprendo,
la mentira que sería.
Si tu amor no merezco, no me ames,
mas quédate otro día

No me ames, porque estoy perdido,
porque cambié el mundo, porque es el
destino, porque no se puede, somos un espejo,
Y tú así serías lo que yo
de mí reflejo
No me ames, para estar muriendo,
dentro de una guerra llena de
arrepentimientos, no me ames para estar
en tierra, quiero alzar el
vuelo, con
tu gran amor por el azul del cielo


No sé qué decirte, esa es la verdad,
si la gente quiere, sabe lastimar
Tú y yo partiremos, ellos no se mueven,
pero en este cielo sola no me dejes

No me dejes, no me dejes, no me escuches,
si te digo "no me ames".
No me dejes, no desarmes,
mi corazón con ese "no me ames"
No me ames, te lo ruego, mi amargura, dèjame
Sabes bien, que no puedo, que es inútil,
que siempre te amaré

No me ames, pues te haré sufrir con este
corazòn que se llenó de mil inviernos
No me ames, para así olvidarte de tus días grises, quiero que me ames
sólo por amarme
No me ames, tú y yo volaremos,
uno con el otro y seguiremos siempre juntos
Este amor es como el sol que sale tras de la tormenta
Como dos cometas en la misma estella

English Translation

"Dont love me" >> "You don't love me"

Tell me why you're crying...
Of happiness.
And why are you drowning?
for loneliness
Tell me why you take my hands so strongly, and let your
thoughts carry you away

I love you so much
And why is that?
Crazy stubborn person, stop doubting it any longer
Even though in the future there will be a huge wall
I'm not afraid, I want to fall in love

Dont love me, because you think that
I may appear different
You dont think its right
For us to see time go by together?
Dont love me, I understand
the lie that it would be
If your love, I don;t deserve, dont love me,
just stay another day

Dont love me, because I am lost,
Because I changed the world,Because its destiny
Because it can't be, We both are like a mirror,
And you would be my own reflection
Don't love me, you would be dying
Within a war full of regrets,dont love me to be on this
Earth, I would like to throw your enormous love for the blue of the sky


I dont know what to say to you, that's the truth
When people want to, they know how to hurt
You and I will depart, they would not move,
But in this sky dont leave me alone

Dont leave me, dont leave me, dont listen to me
If I say to you "dont love me"
Dont let me. Do not disable
my heart with that "Dont love me"
Dont love me, I'm begging you, leave me with my bitterness
You know well, that I can't, that its useless,
That I will always love you

Dont love me,because I would make you suffer with this heart of mine
that was filled with a thousand winters.
Dont love me,so that way you can forget of your gray days.
I want you to love me, just to love me
Dont love me, you and I will fly,
With with the other, and we will always be together
This love is like the sun that comes out after the storm
Like 2 comets on the same path

Note: One of my favorite song

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Richest dog :-)

As I was surfing the net for my research I've finally come across this article that really caught my attention, a dog name "Trouble" inherited $12 million dollars when her owner dies. Talk about incredulity I mean I don't even have a million in my pocket and this dog a mere animal is living in the lap of luxury. Don't get me wrong I love animals, dog and cat especially but then to leave them that amount of money ohh geez would you rather be a dog and inherit that millions. Besides Trouble life is now in danger with as many as 20 - 30 threats a day so the security officer decided to hide Trouble away from this gold digging people. FYI: Trouble is said to be a diva like her late mistress Leona Hemsley.

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