Thursday, October 28, 2010

Looking for Scrubs as gift?

I have been a constant visitor to the hospital lately due to my ongoing lab exam. What I noticed though is the common nursing uniform of their staff. I admire that as time pass the white uniform was replace with a more colorful hues. Most of my friends are nurses and one of them is going to celebrate his birthday and I want to buy him a gift. It’s a good thing that I have come across this very cool site who offer custom made scrubs.

I feel ecstatic just thinking about my friend’s reaction to my gift and I know it will definitely be the talk of his friends. What I like about the site is that they not only customized your scrubs they also have a wide variety of nursing scrub uniforms. You’ll be amazed how nice the medical uniforms nowadays and there are so many choices and options for you.

Amazing how online shopping makes life more easy for busy people like me. Instead of going to the mall shopping for a gift to a good friend now this medical uniforms store have help me a great deal solve my dilemma. It’s really a big help to me since I have many friends who work as a nurse so why not give them something they’ll treasure and use for a long time.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today is a very special date triple 10 in the calendar. But for me it's just an ordinary day with a unique numbers. So how are you my blogger friends? It's been awhile since I've visited my site or write anything interesting in here I guess I was so engrossed with my so-called. That so-called life consist of work-home-sleep a continuous routine and cycle everyday for more than a year now. Hmmm I seem to be a bit boring nowaday I don't know what happen to me this past year but seems I haven't find enjoyment on most things. I feel like I've been struggling for no reason at all, so much discontent, so much insecurities and then shyness overshadow my new found confidence. Is it because of where I'm working and the way the boss is treating me or was there just so many lies and disillusionment along the way. I mean it's not a very stressful job as most of the time I'm just waiting for the clock to strike 6pm so I can go home. Not so challenging or tiresome as my previous job however, sometimes I just can't understand how to cope up with my boss unpredictable temper and her penchant of reprimanding you in public with so many people listening. It's not that I've always been reprimanded as I've always watch that I do my job well it's just maybe I need a little bit of appreciation for all the work that I've done not be like a robot that continuous on moving without emotion. And since I'm experiencing a little bit of difficulty with regards to my health hence I decided to file for early resignation effective on the 15th. I feel kind of uncertain on how things will turn out afterwards but deep inside I know it's the right thing to do since I'm no longer happy with my job and where I'm connected. But I know that God will not forsake me on this new journey of mine to total healing and recovery from everything that's bothering me both physical, mental and spiritual. I close my eyes and say a little prayer to God that He will ease up the transition in the coming days and also my full health recovery. That's all friends happy 10-10-10 and may all your wishes and dreams come true.