Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Life's Irony

Over a year has passed since I went away in search of a dream believing in my heart that it was the right thing to do. To find my own place in this world, to search for a secure future not depending on my parents support and be free from all the restrictions of my life. I guess I was more than dreaming when I flew away believing I will find the greener pasture at the other side of the globe, believing life was way better than what I've been used. Oh how much I try so hard despite just recovering from a previous medication and it was a victory for me when the doctor finally says I can now go and begin my journey in search of my dream. Off I went not knowing I was half dreaming and half awake and what I perceive to be the greener pasture prove to be a wake up call for me lets just say I did learn some hard life lessons and valuable experiences. For all that I've went through that journey no matter how miserable I might have felt, how hopeless life seems to be, the constant tears and the fight to really find what I'm looking for was an experienced I wouldn't have trade for anything at all. It was indeed a very humbling time for me and for once not be engrossed in my sometimes self-centered world. I learn to value friendship and how much it helps keep your spirit alive despite the dark times you're experiencing. I learn to smile at the simple things and be grateful for everything that I have because I didn't realize at that time how blessed I am because I'm too focused with my own longings and desires.

After all the constant battle of finding my own path in life I realize that what I've been chasing after is not really what I want. The gold that glitters can't really satisfy all your longings in life. It can probably fill an immediate need but to be fully contented one's emotional need can only be contend if one is full of love in his heart. Not only is life meaningless without love but as an individual you will continually be dissatisfied with what you have, constantly struggling to find total satisfaction. However, if one has a lot of love to give then for sure life is more precious because it will return to you hundredth times. I'm not just talking about romantic love but love in its totality, no restrictions, no conditions, no boundaries. But sometimes its so hard to find that kind of love because we are humans bound by societies dictates and norms and we can't even love unconditionally. We love conditionally and that's normal because we're just humans and if in case we can love unconditionally absolutely perfect. But then again no one is perfect except God and he is the only one who can love us unconditionally no if's no but's. So the next time you try to find a perfect love look up because that's the only place you can find it but since we're still here on earth just be satisfied with imperfect love because that's the best thing you could get. So what's the point of all this rambling well that's one of the lesson I've learn while chasing my dreams and made me realize what is the deepest longings in my heart and yes I now know what I really want in my life.

Friday, October 16, 2009

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Old Friend

A million times or more I thought about you
The years, the tears, the laughter, things we used to do
Are memories that warm me like a sunny day
You touched my life in such a special way

I miss the way you’d run your fingers through my hair
Those cozy nights we cuddled in your easy chair
Oh no, I won’t let foolish pride turn you away
I’ll take you back whatever price I pay

Old friend
It’s so nice to feel you hold me again
No, it doesn’t matter where you have been
My heart welcomes you back home again

Remember those romantic walks we used to take
You held my hand in such a way my knees would shake
You can’t imagine just how much I’ve needed you
I’ve never loved someone as I love you

Old friend
This is where our happy ending begins
Yes, I’m sure this time that we’re gonna win
Welcome back into my life again

Yes, I’ve tried to live my life without you
Knowing I had lost my closest friend
And though I’m feeling low from time to time
Knowing I will never find the kind of love
I had when you were mine

Welcome back into my life again

PS: I'm getting mushy, sentimental, cheesy all because of this friend of mine... I hate this feeling sometimes especially the melancholy side it would have been a good thing if I'll feel happy all the time but knowing me well my moods currently shifting most of the times... enjoy the song it's quite cute

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Year Ago

Today mark a year since my RAI Theraphy and I can't believe how time flies because since that time until this moment so many things happen to me and I can really say I'm not the same person as I am a year ago. But that's not a strange or unique feeling as most people could change just within a few weeks or months, however my life's journey since that time of my medication was indeed very enlightening, mind boggling and sometimes humbling. Looking back at my struggles with my weight problem and everything else like the radiation, the isolation and the fight to get better was sometimes tiring but yet it keeps me moving on because I have a dream. I thought that if everything else gets better then I'll be just one step closer to that dream only to find out that what I've been dreaming are just sand castles build in the air. They vanishes and get washed out by the waves of change. But its funny now as I've look back how I was so determined to pursue that dream, so much fight, so much determination and hope that this time around I'll win. But I guess everything has its own timing or as I've fondly called in God's perfect time you'll get what you really deserved. It was not my time, I surrender to the inevitable, I swallow my pride, I clipped my wings but I never lose my faith that in HIS own time everything will come to be. For God never leave you empty handed, HE always takes care of you and surprises you when you least expected it. Keep on dreaming, keep on moving, keep on loving and keep on smiling for life indeed is still beautiful no matter what.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Coming Around Again

Baby sneezes
Mummy pleases
Daddy breezes in
So good on paper
So romantic
But so bewildering

I know nothing stays the same
But if youre willing to play the game
Its coming around again
So dont mind if I fall apart
Theres more room in a broken heart

You pay the grocer
Fix the toasted
Kiss the host good-bye
Then you break a window
Burn the souffl?
Scream the lullaby

I know nothing stays the same
But if youre willing to play the game
Its coming around again
So dont mind if I fall apart
Theres more room in a broken heart

And I believe in love
But what else can I do
Im so in love with you

I know nothing stays the same
But if youre willing to play the game
Its coming around again
(repeat and fade)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Take me, I'll Follow

Tired of feeling all by myself
Being so different
From everyone else
Somehow you knew
I needed your help
Be my friend forever
I never found
My star in the night
Feeling my dream was
Far from my sight
You came along and
I saw the light
We'll be friends forever

I can't face the
Thought of you leaving
So take me along
I swear I'll be strong
(If/when) you take me
Wherever you go
I wanna learn the things
That you know
Now that you
Made me believe
I want you to take me
'Cause I long to be able
To see the things
That you see
know that whatever you do
I'll follow you

Somebody must have
Sent you to me
What do I have
You could possibly need
All I can give is my guarantee
We'll be friends forever

Repeat chorus

Teach me more in
Each passing hour
By your side
I know I will cower
Is it true that
You have the power
To capture this moment in time

Take me wherever you go
I wanna learn the things
That you know
Now that you made me believe
I want you to take me
'Cause I long to be able
To see the things
That you see
Know that
Whatever you do
I'll follow you

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I could wallow in self-pity. I could drink all night and throw up. I could smoke like a chimney on fire. I could sleep around if I want to. But what's the sense of hurting yourself just because the plans you have doesn't turn out the way you want it too. Life has a funny way of twisting things around and screwing your brains loose till you want to scream "I've had enough". It's been one crazy roller coaster ride for me emotionally but if people see me physically everything seems to be in perfect shape.

I've made my choices couple of months back and I can say I've laid down all my cards. I guess I'm still a dreamer through and through. Although it's really sad to accept defeat that you lost something which you have so much hope for. Well what can I say that's part of life, you lose some, you win some it's just a matter of where the wheel is turning.

I went to see a friend today and part of me is happy that she is finally embarking on a new journey but part of me is sad because I know it's not really with the one that she loves. But as I've said our life is full of choices and one should be ready to accept the consequences of that action. However, if one could have a perfect choice would it be grand if everything we like we can have. Sad to say most of the things we want and love is not meant to be in our lives forever.

While on my way home I was thinking so many things how we fight so hard just to reach for our dreams only to come up empty handed. It was a very enlightening, mind-boggling, humbling journey which is sometimes hard to explain to close friends and families. It was only between me and her and we've even come close to cutting ties and ending our friendship. Inspite of it we still find time to laugh, to love and still dream but I give up too soon to follow my heart only to realize it's not a winning card.

Defeat is never sweet especially if the two things that you've fought for was never won. But when I look and glimpse at my friend I see defeat too for all the things that she fought so hard, for all the pain that she endures, for the love that she let go to choose the safer road. To give up her rollercoaster life in exchange for a more peaceful existence. I know deep within me it's the best choice and I'm so happy for her but we'll always have our loses but I know someday we'll be grinning big because we've also win life's battle.

Yes I didn't really get what I really wanted when I came home, maybe you can say I've lost something that's so close to my heart, but I won't worry because I know someday I'll also win in this game of life. It's just a wheel that continues turning, one day your down the next thing you know your on top. Cheer up, life goes on, it moves, it flows just don't be left behind by the tide of change. No matter how bittersweet life is, it's still the most beautiful thing that God has given to us.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Love affair with the Net

I was reconnecting with an old hobby because after so many years geocities is going to cease its operation this October 2009. I guess if you have a site in there you need to transfer it to their paid hosting service or save it to your computer in case you don't want to lose your site. This also means an end to all my sites in geocities, where it all began for me. It was April 1999 that I first made my first website on the web, just the usual point and click. But, for me it was a big accomplishment for someone who have a minimal knowledge about computers. Hence, my love affair with the Internet started, web designing in particular and later some graphics editing. I don't claim to have the best site or techie site but my websites are a product of my hardwork those couple of years back from 1999 - 2005.

My biggest site so far is my poetry site the URL is: done April 2000 with more than 50 pages.

My oldest site but no longer in its original design and compositions is done in 1999.

This site I made for my friends is a bit popular in google just try searching "coolbabes" and you can see it in the frontpage the URL is also done 1999 just after my first site.

I also have a graphic website with samples of my vector graphics and first try in graphics design using photoshop the URL is done in 2001

I guess that's just some of the sites I've hosted in geocities and a couple of months from now they will no longer be available for viewing. I do have other site hosted in other free webhost but I won't include them here. My one regret and even until now I'm still searching for it is my site with flash animation. Anyway, do take time to get a glimpse of my past pre-occupation cause it will never be seen again in the web after October. I'm still contemplating whether to put it online again or just keep it to myself, however, my poetry site will always remain online as I've already paid for that domain for 2 years and got my own hosting. I still need to upgrade more on web development and design to make my site dynamic and more functional so hopefully that's my future plan.

PS: This post I've also put in my facebook account and I just thought to blog it here also in case some of my friends here are not into facebook.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Few Good Men

I'm that type of person who always sees good in everyone especially men. Despite how my friend's complains and groans on men's shortcomings and inadequacies I find them still lovable. But before my opinion of them shift completely to 360 degree I vow to stop chatting for awhile. You might ask what has chatting to do with my opinion of men.

If you must know I am a closet chatter for over a decade now creating different persona, nicks and situation that fits my liking. From being a naive chatter, vulgar, aggressive, revengeful, angry, playful, liar, hopeful, dreamy and then I calm down to just being me. I've meet all sort of people from all walks of life in different part of the globe. It's been one amazing journey but lately my enjoyment of chatting seems to evaporate as well as the way I've viewed men in general.

I mean of course I should have known better as if I'm a newbie just trying to learn the abc's of chatting, I guess I'm just tired of all the lies and the games and the senseless direction it always end. It doesn't stimulate me the way it used to be, the people are not the same as they were way back when and the lies have just grown out of proportion. I thought there are still a few good men left in chat but I guess I'm proven wrong, yes it's a bit of a generalized theory but heck I must stop chatting in order for me to still see the good in every men and not get a glimpse of the hidden beast lurking and hiding inside of them. Sometimes the one you thought are the good ones are among the worst one you could ever met.

But anyway I still find them charming and lovable and since this blog is about good men I'll say a little thanks to some of my closest friends who've been there for me through and through:

JP - I met him when he was still 19 y.o and almost a decade later our friendship is still there despite the distance. Although we don't go out as often as before but I know he will always be there for me whenever I need someone to lean on. He is really a rare friend to have that's very sweet and caring. I consider him my longest, dearest and closest friend who have the same temperament with me.

JB - I met him last year unexpectedly and through common known friends and shared interest it was so easy to form a bond with him. Since, it's not always easy to be away from home and your comfort zone he was always there for us whenever we needed anything and vice versa. It's always nice to meet a person who you'll know at the back of your mind that will protect you from harm and trouble.

BT - He is a close family ties through marriage with a cousin. I also met him last year and I'm very grateful for everything that he has done for me. When I almost become homeless (literally) he offer me help without question and let me sleep in his pad despite the limitations of his landlord. He even carry my very heavy luggage through his 3rd storey flat using the stairs. No words can express my gratitude despite his sometimes weird sense of humour and passion.

DM - I maybe a little bit bias with this person because what I felt for him is like the turbulent waves. Sometimes it has its up and sometimes it has its low but despite its ever changing flow he always makes me smile. Even if there are moments that I become so angry and would like to hate him but I really couldn't bring myself to feel that emotion. What I felt for him is hard to explain even to my closest friends. Some people can't comprehend my feelings for him. But let just say he is the constant person to keep me company at the loneliest and troubles times in my life. I meet him last December of 2007 when I was so sad, bored and depressed and he was there during my lonely days in Singapore. Whatever happens I'm so grateful to him who lights a glimmer of hope during my darkest days.

These are just a few people who have touched my life and have become good trusted friends. For all the men I knew who somehow cause me pain and hurt in the past I've all forgiven you because life is too short to hate you. It's a waste of time and energy and if not for that I would have not learn my lesson and grow. Sometimes it's even a blessing why things happen because it mold you into a much better and stronger person.

Friday, July 3, 2009


I'm sitting here in the office not feeling so well, I've got the colds and cough well hope it's not too drastic. Just a major change of temperature every now and then from hot weather outside to a very cold office cubicle. Thank God my mood swings lately have started to ebb at least life seems a little bit back to normal. I've been feeling so down and depress lately that people seem to stay away from me because of this mood. But through constant sheer will power and conditioning of my mind finally things settled. Yet I can't really seem to grasp the depth of my anger and the silly thing I did with regards to that certain emotion and person. I mean yeah I always am a very sensible person but with him I've become irrational, irritable and out of control. I know I'm like the song "half crazy" but what can I say I feel deeply for him but hurting myself in the long run is not an excuse. Letting myself be used by a certain person I meet almost a month ago is not an excuse either. Well I let that happen because I'm angry, confused and hurting but it's not a one sided thingy we're both using each other only I feel that I should have been much stronger to give in. I should have trusted God's plan for me but then I'm very impatient and can't wait for His plan to materialize. I want to make my own plans, live my own rules and what did I get out of it but a bruised heart and hurting soul. Never mind the ego we all must live without it inorder to move forward in life. Now I'm not feeling so well literally but at least it heals faster than emotional pain. But if you just believe God loves you through and through then no storm too big you can't conquer.

It only reminds me of You

Verse 1:

I see you, beside me
It's only a dream
A vision of what used to be
The laughter, the sorrow
Pictures in time
Fading to memories


How could I ever let you go
Is it too late to let you know


I tried to run from your side
But each place I hide
It only reminds me of you
When I turn out all the lights
Even the night
It only reminds me of you

Verse 2:

I needed my freedom
That's what I've thought
But I was a fool to believe
My heart lied while you cried
Rivers of tears
But I was too blind to see


Everything we've been through before
Now it means so much more


I tried to run from your side
But each place I hide
It only reminds me of you
When I turn out all the light
Even the night
It only reminds me of you

Only you...


So come back to me
I'm down on my knees
Boy can't you see...

How could I ever let you go
Is it too late to let you know


I tried to run from your side
But each place I hide
It only reminds me of you
When I turn out all the lights
Even the night
It only reminds me of you


I tried to run from your side
But each place I hide
It only reminds me of you
When I turn out all the lights
Even the night
It only reminds me of you

You, You,

It only reminds me of you

Thursday, June 11, 2009

One fine Lad

I met him way back when I was spending some time in Singapore. He qualify for the promo run by our company with all expense paid trip to the Lion city plus pocket allowance plus newly promoted marketing director status. A status I've been hoping to achieve for quite sometime now and He get that position within two months. It's quite an achievement even for old timers in the company. How he did it was just go out in the field share our mission to as many people that he can possibly can within that span of time. My brother even wonder how he did it in such a short period of time but I guess plain hardwork and a determination to win.

When I first meet him I thought he has lots of air and conceit like my typical stereotyped concept of callcenter agents. We didn't get to spend so much time together since they only stayed in our house for about a week or so and within that time I always teased him with my friend hence he stay out of my way. I guess he don't want to be teased and make fun of so maybe that's the reason why. But, when you're far away from home even if you don't get to spend so much time together or get in touch that often you form a certain bond. Hence, that's what happen between me and him we form a new friendship.

I didn't actually expect it to happen as you can see I don't have high opinion about him at first but one thing you can't argue is the fact that his quite attractive and charming. Which I know ladies especially the one in the early twenties would really love to go out with him. But, the reason for this blog is that every time I see him it always reminds of my past. How I'm so attracted with goodlooking guys in fact my friends before and the guys I've associate with are attractive.

But there comes a point in your life as you get older that the shallowness of youth started to fade away and you seek for substance and maturity. It all started when I meet someone last 2007. He is not a looker but I was so amazed by his good attitude and kind heart then later on I meet another guy who've been the cause of my constant mood swings. Why I feel ecstatic one moment then so down the next. I admit I really feel deeply with this certain guy but it seems he don't value me as much as I value him. Then it made me realize to give it all up I've been in this stage for quite sometime now and it's not healthy.

So, when I saw my friend again today the one I met in Singapore it made me realize maybe I should just find an attractive guy and not hang on to this person for God knows how long. It seems I've been in a rot for quite sometime and I don't want to feel low about myself. I want to think positive, be happy, live, love and just be glad every moment of the day.

It always brighten my day whenever I meet this friend of mine. I remember when I was in Singapore and I was walking down the long stretch mall in Cityhall on my way to MRT and feeling so low and sorry about how my life was going there and whallah out of nowhere I see him and he smile at me. Guess what all those heavy burden in my heart just evaporated and I was happy once again like what happen tonight.

I was on my way out of the office to eat dinner when he called my name and we talk for awhile and he even encourage me to run for my desired position. I said ahh sometimes I get discourage I lack motivation then he said don't be just keep on going then he smile. He really got that beautiful smile that can brighten up your dreary days. Or maybe deep inside of me I'm still a sucker for fine looking lads and that's not being shallow it's just this kind of guys are like vitamins to your eyes lol...But anyway this heart still needs healing...ciao for now...

Friday, June 5, 2009

No More Words

I don't know why I lost my penchant for writing. How many times I keep logging in here only to come up empty handed, lost for words and thoughts gone astray. I don't know what happen to me a couple of months ago why this sudden shift of feelings. I used to love blogging so much especially during troubled times where I can express my thoughts in writing but I'm just so clueless.

I want to blame a certain person, I want to blame circumstances but what's the used of blaming people and situation when we make our own destiny and choices. I do wish I can go back to writing again, I do wish I can pour out all these pent up feelings and release a months worth of frustrations and misgivings and get back into motion and start the words flowing. But as of now I'm just here drifting here or there, stalking profiles if I got time and just barely coping up with the blogging world.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ang Mo Kio

A slideshow I made for my friends back in Ang Mo Kio. Thanks for all the memories especially the eating sessions, the spicy noodles, the lumpia, the foodtrip to fairprice and just about all the crazy stuff we used to do. I will always remember you guys and the fun times. Everytime I watch the clips it make me smile and wish someday we can relieve all of these and eat more ice cream and noodles.

PS: The pics are taken just a few days before I went home to PI sort of my despidida party. Youtube muted the background music of this video clips so all you can see is the slideshows only.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just for a moment

We laugh until we had to cry

And we love right down to our last goodbye

We were the best,

I think we'll ever be

Just you and me

For just a moment

We chase that dream we never found

And sometimes we let one another down

But the love we made,

Made everything alright

We shone so bright

For just a moment

Time goes on,

People touch and they're gone

And you and I will never love again

Like we did then

Someday when we both reminisce

(We both say) We both say

There wasn't too much we missed

And through the tears

(And through the tears)

The smile when we recall

We had it all

For just a moment

Time goes on... Ahh...

People touch and then they're gone

But you and I will never really end

Will never love again...

Like we did then

We laugh until we had to cry

And we love right down to our last goodbye...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

First Day

Today is the first day that I officially start my new job. Another new job description, another task far different from my last job. Although I love my last job so much but in the end it only brings me more discontent and disillusionment. It's not about the job at all but more like it the politics that surrounds it but anyway that's a long time ago already almost a year has passed and so many things have happen since.

Now I'm embarking on a new journey, not really the one I have in mind for myself but it was an unexpected opportunity one I didn't actually thought would come. So I grab it and hopefully grow from the experience and well as what they usually say we'll go from there and see what happens next.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Friendship and the Best Blogger Award

Thank you so much for this wonderful surprise another award from my friend online. It was unexpected and it made me smile really. You might not realize that a simple gesture could mean so much to someone. Hence, I thank Anne for giving me this award its very appreciated.

1. Take your award here.
2. Put the logo on your post.
3. Link the person who awarded you.
4. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
5. Add links to those blogs on yours.
6. Leave a messages for your nominees on their blog.

Here's the 7 blogs I give this award to:
1.Middle World
2.My Comfort Zone
3.Wena's World
4.Hodge Podge
5.Avid Thinker
6.Sand and everything under the Sun
7.Your Ecstasy

Monday, April 20, 2009

Blessings and Journeys

Sometimes in life we forget how bless we are because we look so long on the things that is not yet in our reach. I mean I'm also guilty of that, but when you really apply the saying "Be thankful for small blessings" you'll see a miracle in your life. Although we get bugged down by everyday things like problems and life gets a bit hazy, but at the end of it all there is still blessing to be found.

My life experiences since the start of this year has its up and down, a one crazy rollercoaster ride. I've experience what it's like to be on your own, to make do of what you have, to live with different people having different temperament, to laugh and cry, to sing in front of a church with the choir, to hear an earful of litany from a distraught divorcee and lots more. It was one great adventure both triumphant and discouraging but I can't believe through it all I've gained so many friends, touch many people lives and in my own little way help them. The friends I have are the blessings God has given me in return for the tears, the struggles, the confusions and the hopelessness.

Though I find it hard to say goodbye to them and leave the place because we have shared many memories but deep within I realize I have another journey to partake and life goes on after that. In every journey that I make the hardest thing for me to do is leave the place and the people behind because I know when I come home I'll surely be missing them much and I'll also leave a part of me behind. But as they say life moves on and flows like a river.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Hey what happen to my blog? To all my followers and readers I apologized for the long delay or not blogging anymore and having updates. It's just I was on a long journey of finding myself and making it work somehow but instead I seem to lost focus along the way. I find each day that passed that my hope is slowly dying, that somehow I lost interest on so many things. The one thing that keeps me alive and burning is my blog but even that can't get me motivated. I no longer wish to write nor can I keep up with just maintaining a blog. Well life was hard that time so I decided to come home for awhile and to get back the things that I've lost and forgotten throughout my journey. I won't say it was a waste of time, money and effort because the lessons I've had are way too priceless. Though life has its up and down in there but the friends I've meet are the one I'll treasure the most. I won't say I will not go back, but all I do know I have some business to take care of here and only if I finish that business will I ever conclude my definite plans. But I am not regretting my decision for the moment, though there are bit minor adjustment since the thing that was on the foremost in my mind got finally answer. So here I am again back with a vengeance and watch our for more blogs from me soon...hehehe

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mom's Shopping Guide for Babies 101

While browsing through the Internet I’ve come across a site that works the way Google crawls to different site just to give users complete listings of websites that they’re looking for. However, the difference is that Shopwiki gives shoppers a wide range of choices to search for the cheapest stores on the web on different products they want to buy.

It was such a blessing on my part because I was looking for things to give to my friend as gift to make travelling with my Goddaughter more convenient. What interest me more besides the many options on strollers, baby car seats, bags and carriers is that they give mom guides and tips on how to have a hassle free ride along side their babies.

What’s more besides easy shopping, guides and tips is that it’s more convenient to shop at the comfort of your home. Whether you just like to browse their site, compare prices, search for baby baths and care products, home safety tips and guidelines they all have it here on one site. No need to go on surfing from one site to another when you can have it all here at Shopwiki.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Honest Scrap Tag

Thanks to Gracebragg for giving me this tag. Just a little information about me as of this moment in time to get a glimpse about my feelings.

10 things about me:

1. I am a positive thinker, but I'm quite confuse with my life right now.
2. I used to be a shopaholic and an emo spender but now my life take 360 degree.
3. I’m a very sensitive person but I always keep my feelings to myself so people thought I'm strong emotionally.
4. I have a fetish for shoes and bags but now I'm more practical and budget conscious person.
5. I have become a little bit matured lately through my experience this couple of months.
6. I am a very understanding person but lately I felt my patience is not that strong anymore.
7. I wish I will be enlighten soon on the right direction to take.
8. I more of a beach person than a mountain person.
9. Sometimes in life you have to made a choice and at this moments I'm really confuse on which path I should take.
10. I am thankful for everything that I've been through especially the tough times I've felt and all the trials because it made me stronger.

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