Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Love affair with the Net

I was reconnecting with an old hobby because after so many years geocities is going to cease its operation this October 2009. I guess if you have a site in there you need to transfer it to their paid hosting service or save it to your computer in case you don't want to lose your site. This also means an end to all my sites in geocities, where it all began for me. It was April 1999 that I first made my first website on the web, just the usual point and click. But, for me it was a big accomplishment for someone who have a minimal knowledge about computers. Hence, my love affair with the Internet started, web designing in particular and later some graphics editing. I don't claim to have the best site or techie site but my websites are a product of my hardwork those couple of years back from 1999 - 2005.

My biggest site so far is my poetry site the URL is: done April 2000 with more than 50 pages.

My oldest site but no longer in its original design and compositions is done in 1999.

This site I made for my friends is a bit popular in google just try searching "coolbabes" and you can see it in the frontpage the URL is also done 1999 just after my first site.

I also have a graphic website with samples of my vector graphics and first try in graphics design using photoshop the URL is done in 2001

I guess that's just some of the sites I've hosted in geocities and a couple of months from now they will no longer be available for viewing. I do have other site hosted in other free webhost but I won't include them here. My one regret and even until now I'm still searching for it is my site with flash animation. Anyway, do take time to get a glimpse of my past pre-occupation cause it will never be seen again in the web after October. I'm still contemplating whether to put it online again or just keep it to myself, however, my poetry site will always remain online as I've already paid for that domain for 2 years and got my own hosting. I still need to upgrade more on web development and design to make my site dynamic and more functional so hopefully that's my future plan.

PS: This post I've also put in my facebook account and I just thought to blog it here also in case some of my friends here are not into facebook.

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