Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shine like a Star

We all have different path to take so don’t be just a shadow of someone else’s life. Shine like you ought to be and see how beautiful life will be.

Life is not meant to be live as a mediocre imitation or cheap copycat of someone else. That’s why God give us hopes, dreams, ambitions, capabilities, talents, gifts and core values so that we will shine more and be less of a shadow.

Life is about pursuing our dreams, freeing our soul and following the passion of our heart. It is one big canvass where we are the artist, creating, molding, sculpting and shaping it to how we envision our life would be.

It is a merging of your heart and your soul as you slowly start to find the path you ought to take. Finding your path doesn’t mean arriving at a particular destination but rather it is a continuous journey slowly unraveling everyday then discovering and reveling of new aspects within ourselves.

But if we live for a moment to be just shadow then we are not living the life that we should lived or partaking the path that we should take. So free yourself from the shadows and cobwebs that’s hindering your growth and realizing your potential.

Just break free, let go and shine like a star then see the great lights emerging from within. No more living in the shadows nor there be dark clouds in the horizon to dampen a free spirited soul and a heart full of passion.

July 11, 2011 @ 7:18am (after awhile I suddenly feel a little bit inspire to write something blame it on the status I coined in my fb)

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